Training Simulators

Aviation Training Simulators

Underwater Egress Simulators

The Egress Simulator is a state of the art trainer used by SSTL to teach helicopter underwater escape procedures to aircrews and passengers. The simulator can be designed to replicate the fuselage and interior configuration of a helicopter to improve chances of surviving a ditching.

The Aircraft Ditching Egress Practical Trainer (ADEPT)

This simulator design represents a revolutionary leap in the delivery of aircraft ditching Underwater Escape Training (UET) at locations closer to fight operations centres, saving time and money for organizations with a requirement to train their rotary or fixed wing aircrew in UET.


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Marine Training Simulators

Fast Rescue Craft Simulator

Fast rescue craft play a critical role in search and rescue operations and their crews must be prepared to respond to a range of incidents regardless of the time of day or weather. To introduce skills and experience that are challenging to develop using on-water exercises, SSTL has integrated simulation scenarios into its FRC
training programs.

Lifeboat Simulator

The ability to effectively launch and recover a lifeboat is a safety critical skill in the commercial shipping and offshore oil and gas industries. Historically, lifeboat training programs have allocated limited practical training time to emergency and heavy weather launch conditions due to the inherent risk of these types of scenarios.

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Industrial Training Simulators

The Mobile Industrial Rescue Trainer

Entering confined spaces is one of the most dangerous tasks in industry. During confined space emergencies, a larger percentage of fatalities happen to persons who are attempting rescue. In response to growing concerns over these statistics and increasing demands from industrial clients for a safe but more realistic training environment, Survival Systems Training developed the Mobile Industrial Rescue Trainer.

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