R & D

  • Our leading R&D keeps us on the cutting edge of survival training.

    Survival Systems Training Ltd (SSTL) is committed to providing you with the best safety instruction possible using the latest research available. To this end, SSTL is heavily involved in Research & Development (R&D) as it relates to the safety and survivability of your personnel.

    Working together to further survival research

    Carried out in collaboration with industry, military and universities, our research and development projects have investigated. To obtain information for our studies, please contact us

      • Survival at sea
      • Thermoregulation
      • Sudden immersion in cold water
      • Non-freezing cold injuries
      • Surviving a helicopter ditching
      • Stress and sleep deprivation
      • Emergency breathing systems for Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)
      • Seasickness
      • Personal Protective Equipment (lifejackets and immersion suits)
      • Liferafts and lifeboats
      • Drowning
      • Life support equipment
      • Fitness requirements
      • Ergonomics
      • human systems integration
      • Sikorsky H-92 (Cyclone) Egress Study
      • Emergency Breathing Apparatus use in commercial Helicopters
      • Floatplane Ditchings
  • Encana Funded Projects

    Studies completed by SSTL under Encana’s education & training and research & development fund.

    Functional Task Analysis of Lifeboat / Breathing Apparatus Integration

    Download the report

    Call Two – Offshore Safety and Risk Study Abstracts

Improvements to safety training thanks to research

Our continuing exploration into the issues influencing safety and survival enhances the training we provide and helps keep us at the forefront of survival training. SSTL’s R&D activities have had notable impacts on industry including integrating human factors into engineering design specifications, and establishing new standards in safety and training. Learn more about past R&D projects that SSTL has been involved with.

We’re up for the challenge

Our staff have many years of experience in maritime, aviation, and submarine operations and are highly qualified to conduct your applied research. Challenge us to work with you on your next R&D project to improve safety at sea, on shore and in the air. Contact us to find out more.