Industrial Training Simulators


  • The Mobile Industrial Rescue Trainer

    Entering confined spaces is one of the most dangerous tasks in industry. During confined space emergencies, a larger percentage of fatalities happen to persons who are attempting rescue. In response to growing concerns over these statistics and increasing demands from industrial clients for a safe but more realistic training environment, Survival Systems Training developed the Mobile Industrial Rescue Trainer. Since that time the Mobile Industrial Rescue Trainer has been used to improve the rescue skills of over 20,000 workers.
    The Mobile Industrial Rescue Trainer Training System provides a very realistic training environment. The simulator has been designed by experienced instructors to accurately duplicate the challenges found within numerous confined spaces.

    The Mobile Industrial Rescue Trainer provides a safe and controlled environment in which trainees can practice confined space entry and rescue techniques. The use of the Mobile Industrial Rescue Trainer is preferential to learning in actual confined spaces, as real confined spaces contain real dangers. Trainees in the simulator may make mistakes that teach valuable lessons without risk of injury.

  • P7200097

  • Mobile Fire & Structural Training Unit (MTU)

    SSTL owns and utilizes a 53′ MTU built by PRO-SAFE Fire Training Systems (Ontario) to deliver realistic Fire, Hazardous Materials, and Search & Rescue training to clients in the industrial, marine and offshore sectors.

    The MTU also provides confined space training scenarios for municipal, industrial, airport, and marine firefighting crews. It meets all performance criteria identified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

    The MTU is in compliance with the CSA B149.3-2010 Code for the field approval of fuel-related components on appliances and equipment


    • Exterior and framing are constructed with corrosion resistant materials
    • Interior is built with heat/flame resistant materials
    • Emergency ventilation system
    • One fixed and two moveable fire props and a rollover/flashover simulator
    • Interchangeable/moveable interior room partitions
    • High output smoke machine and smoke distribution system
    • The unit is self- sufficient with an onboard 15 KW generator and a 109 gallon propane tank.
    • The unit can be set up in almost any location in less than one hour which includes a collapsible second story (8’ x 18’) room with an integrated sloped roof ventilation training simulator.


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