Marine Training Simulators


  • Fast Rescue Craft Simulator

    Fast rescue craft play a critical role in search and rescue operations and their crews must be prepared to respond to a range of incidents regardless of the time of day or weather. To introduce skills and experience that are challenging to develop using on-water exercises, SSTL has integrated simulation scenarios into its FRC
    training programs.

    SSTL’s MissionQuest Simulator blends real vessel controls and navigation equipment with realistic virtual training environments of Halifax NS, St. John’s NL, and Bamfield BC. Using the simulator, SSTL instructors are able to develop customized training scenarios which emphasize night time operations, SAR patterns, electronic navigation and positive control.

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  • Lifeboat Simulator

    The ability to effectively launch and recover a lifeboat is a safety critical skill in the commercial shipping and offshore oil and gas industries. Historically, lifeboat training programs have allocated limited practical training time to emergency and heavy weather launch conditions due to the inherent risk of these types of scenarios.

    SSTL’s SurvivalQuest Simulator allows trainees to use real lifeboat control systems to gain experience performing launch, sail away, and rescue duties under a variety of challenging scenarios. SSTL instructors can also use the simulator to teach trainees how complete hook recovery operations and how to respond to potential equipment faults.

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