SSTL COVID-19 updates



On SSTL premises, masks are not currently required.


Social Distancing

In general, SSTL will maintain social distancing where possible and practical, but is not currently limiting class sizes to enforce social distancing.

SSTL General Safety

SSTL is obligated to protect the safety of its staff members and other personnel at SSTL locations.  SSTL will take whatever measures it deems appropriate to mitigate risks and maintain safety, including declining symptomatic clientele per the above parameters.

All personnel (staff, trainees, delegates, vendors) are expected to follow Nova Scotia Governmental directives and Public Health Orders.

SSTL is taking precautions to protect the health and safety of staff and clients, and we ask for your patience as we try to safely provide training and service. We also ask that you do your part – stay safe, provide and use PPE where applicable, self isolate when required, follow provincial health guidance, and do not expose others to risk.