Industrial SCBA


This program is designed to provide personnel working in industrial, commercial or institutional facilities who are not members of an Emergency Response Team with a basic understanding of the use of SCBA’s in possible toxic environments.


This program will cover when it is required to wear SCBA, possible toxic environments, procedures for inspection, cleaning and use.

Areas of study will include the following:

  • Common Respiratory Hazards including ammonia and chlorine gas
  • The physical, medical, and mental factors that affect the worker’s ability to use respiratory protection effectively
  • Equipment and air-supply limitations of SCBA
  • Effective air management
  • Basic SCBA component assemblies
  • Storing protective breathing apparatus
  • Precautionary safety checks for SCBA
  • General donning and doffing considerations for SCBA
  • General SCBA checks
  • Actions to take in emergency situations using SCBA
  • Operating in areas of limited visibility while wearing SCBA

Trainees receive practical demonstration and use of the following:

  • Don and doff SCBA for use at emergency and non-emergency events
  • Inspect SCBA prior to use
  • Clean and sanitize SCBA
  • Fill an SCBA cylinder from a fill station
  • Perform emergency operations procedures for an SCBA
  • Change an SCBA cylinder — One and two person methods


Four to six (4-6) hours.

Course Details


  • Trainees are expected to be in a good state of health and physically capable of fully taking part in all program activities.  Trainees are expected to participate in all physical training requirements.
  • A valid Government Identification is required and must be presented for registration and to the instructor on the first day of course commencement.  (Driver’s License, Passport, Vantage Card)


All persons who successfully complete the course based on the performance standards will receive:

  • A Survival Systems Training certificate for Industrial SCBA
  • A laminated wallet course qualification card

Refresher training is recommended every year. Expiry is subject to local jurisdiction/regulations.

General Course Information      Medical Requirements

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