Offshore Flight Safety Attendant

The aim of this Service is to provide safety, escort, and protection services for the untrained helicopter passenger transiting to or from an offshore installation during normal or emergency flight operations.

Qualified and experienced SSTL personnel would perform the following for the designated passenger:

  • Explain general helicopter procedures and safety considerations associated with normal flight operations while transiting to or from an offshore installation.
  • Describe the general roles and responsibilities for both the Offshore Flight safety Attendant and the passenger while transiting during normal flight operations and in the event of an emergency.
  • Brief and assist the passenger on procedures to be followed in the event of an in-flight emergency, surface abandonment, or underwater egress; including actions required for boarding a raft and being rescued.
  • Carry out pre-flight safety checks and explains the purpose and function of passenger worn helicopter transport emergency and survival equipment.
  • Liaise with the offshore helicopter passenger coordinator or the onshore helicopter operator regarding passenger logistics, distribution of passenger equipment, current flight information, and coordination with the Helicopter Landing Officer and deck crew.
  • Complete required offsite administration associated with client or third party contractor approval and verification of the services provided.