Canadian Offshore Training

  • Gain the training and confidence you need to survive the unthinkable

    In the world of offshore oil and gas, conditions are extremely challenging. When lives are on the line, you want your response to an emergency situation to be quick, appropriate and second nature. At Survival Systems Training Ltd (SSTL), we have trained over 50,000 offshore workers how to:

    • respond to emergencies, including escaping a ditched helicopter
    • survive while potentially injured, cold and alone in a life raft or in the water
    • get rescued by participating appropriately and to the maximum extent.

    Avoid tragedy with intense, realistic emergency response training

    Practice full-scale abandonment and lifeboat boarding exercises with our offshore platform mock-up, complete with davit-launched lifeboat, PrOD Launching System and Skyscape. Get trained in underwater escape from a ditched helicopter using our state-of-the-art simulator. Gain the skills needed to survive in the open water by practicing techniques in the frigid North Atlantic.

    Flexible training schedules and customized courses to meet your needs

    We can get your people on the full spectrum of safety and emergency response courses quickly – and at a time that suits your schedule. We can also customize courses to meet your specific needs, including facilities, equipment and procedures.

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    Find out more about specific courses with the course information packages.