Underwater Egress Training

Egress Training

Underwater Egress Training

Aircraft Specific

SSTL provides realistic performance-based Underwater Egress Training for aircrews reacting to a rotary or fixed wing aircraft ditching emergency. These programs have been delivered to Canadian and international military and para-public (air ambulance, law enforcement, SAR) aviation clients. Beginning in 1996, the programs designed and delivered by SSTL have trained hundreds of thousands of aviation personnel under direct contract or through third parties.

The structure of integrating a comprehensive training solution to manage and mitigate risk in aircraft ditching emergencies has been solidly built over long experience. Curriculum designers, human factors research and development, our excellent trainers, along with the considerable input of military stake-holders have resulted in an implementation model that is efficient, timely and cost-sensitive. The delivery of these programs to various International Militaries has proven to enhance their individual aviation safety training programs to an optimal level.

Our Canadian training facilities incorporate state-of-the-art environmental effects, equipment and training scenarios to help you react intuitively and effectively in a life-threatening situation. To imitate reality as closely as possible, you will train in a simulator configured to replicate the aircraft you fly in. You will also train with the same equipment you use on a daily basis, with motivated instructors who possess significant training and operational experience in aircraft ditching procedures, underwater egress and survival. You will also learn the fundamentals in marine survival, how to assist others and participate in your rescue.

We train ALL aircrew & flight personnel. SSTL programming is designed to provide all aircrew and passengers travelling over water with the knowledge and skills necessary to react to an aircraft ditching emergency, care for themselves in a sea survival situation, and to participate to the maximum extent in their rescue.