Helicopter Rescue Hoist Training



SSTL has identified a training need by both Military and Civil aviation clients to effectively perform practical Rescue hoist training that addresses the unique roles and responsibilities of pilots, hoist operators, SAR technicians and rescue swimmers responding to an offshore/over-land/over-ship rescue/ditching emergency in benign or adverse weather conditions.
SSTL is the sole, global training provider able to facilitate Rescue hoist training and operations from either a static 7m platform, over water, for fundamental hoist training or SAR crew resource management training “flown” over land, water or simulated ship for advanced, dynamic, SAR aircrew hoist training.
To enable SAR crew training SSTL uses it’s state of the art Marine Aviation Survival Training (MAST) facility’s cross gantry crane that can reach anywhere over the pool area, ship’s hull, pool deck area and a Breeze Eastern 20200-501, variable speed, rescue hoist that is aircraft certified and maintained by an OEM service representative.

The Rescue Hoist Training system is the best single investment for Helicopter rescue operations performed under difficult conditions. Helicopter use with integrated hoisting systems is an expanding mission capability used by:


  • Search and Rescue
  • Coast Guard
  • Air Force
  • Navy
  • Army
  • Offshore Oil and gas services
  • Wind Power service providers
  • Police and Special Forces

Most of these missions are normally carried out within a short notice launch time combining high risk, personal stress and harsh weather environments.

Helicopter hoist training is both complex and expensive, as such this course is recommended for company or unit level training with a minimum of 4 candidates.

Course Details


Multiple benefits can be achieved in utilizing the rescue hoist trainer system:

  • Perform comprehensive training for Rescue Operations within a safe environment using the rescue hoist mounted to a 7m static platform or mounted to the dynamic helicopter  simulator
  • Achieves a high degree of confidence and experience in Rescue hoist operation
  • Perfect wet and dry hoisting skills in a controlled, repeatable, adverse weather environment thus reducing aircraft flying hours and maintenance costs.
  • Perform crew interoperability training by “flying” the simulator over the training tank and area

Offers specific training and procedures for:
  • Communications and handling of radio equipment
  • Wet/dry Hoisting
  • Standard Pattern work using the hoist with load on or no load
  • Techniques for handling survivor/victims
  • Hoist operations during unsteady flight operations
  • General handling and usage of various rescue equipment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Ground training for loading/unloading of persons in combination with various rescue equipment

To accurately simulate helicopter hoist recovery and facilitate fundamental hoist operations, static recovery is conducted from a 7m platform whereas the hoist is mounted over the training pool.  The hoist operator is able to conduct basic day/night hoist operations and standard operating procedures (e.g. lowering raising rescue swimmer, double person hoist procedures, rescue basket, litter etc.) in a benign sea state or in adverse weather conditions.


Crew training is able to be executed from a simulated airframe that is able to be “flown” over the entire pool area, controlled by the pilot, conned by the hoist operator and conduct hoisting operations from a hover height of up to 42’ in a controlled, repeatable environment that is able to simulate day or night conditions up to sea state level 7 with rain and winds up to 100KMPH.unloading of persons in combination with various rescue equipment

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