Crew Resource Management


Aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM)

(a.k.a. – Human Factors in Aviation, Error Proofing, Etc.)
Tab – Initial Crew Resource Management Course (CRM)

In accordance with national regulations and international best practices, we are able to deliver fully complaint and customized CRM programs as stand-alone or concurrent courses with our other our Aviation training.

Initial Qualification Program – 8.0 Hrs

  • The program focuses on the ICAO core principles of 1) Knowledge 2) Procedures 3) Maneuvers and 4) Flight Management supported by industry CRM tools.

*Note this program can be added as an evening supplement to the current complement of Aviation Training Courses or as an Onsite Program.

Annual Currency Program – 2.0-3.0 Hrs

  • Ongoing skills maintenance and continuous improvement program – targeted to annual safety observations and regulatory recommendations-

CRM Train the Trainer Program – Operator Program Development 30-40 Hrs

  • The CRM train the trainer program is the most cost-effective and efficient option for developing a company CRM program with internal instructors, providing training flexibility and targeted program content.

Course Details

Program Includes:

– Initial CRM Qualification

– Adult Instructional Theory (Andragogy, Transformation and Experimental)

– Program Lesson Plans

– Program Delivery and Management

Other Aviation Programs – Development and Training for:

  • ERP – Emergency Response Plan
  • SMS – Safety Management Systems
  • FRMS – Fatigue Risk Management Systems

Course Materials – TBD

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