Incorporated in 1996 as a premier training company, Survival Systems Training Limited (SSTL) is best in class in the delivery of realistic safety and survival training courses. SSTL’s programs meet or exceed regulatory directives in oil and gas, marine, aviation and industrial sectors.

SSTL delivers training on-site at its Dartmouth center, or as a satellite delivery project at the client’s premises. SSTL’s customized training solutions overcome critical challenges for organizations seeking to manage risk and respond to emergencies. A significant record of research and development and innovative simulation technology supports advanced training delivery.

SSTL’s results and the response-oriented team can assist your drive to achieve immediate and long-term safety goals.

  • Aviation

    Rotary Wing & Fixed Wing Aircraft Ditching Courses


  • Industrial

    Worker Safety & Rescue Training

  • R & D

    Human Factors & Management of Risk