Standby Rescue and Emergency Response Teams

Overview of Service

SSTL provides standby rescue and emergency response personnel to client specific hazard areas and requirements. These hazardous site activities can include, but are not limited to: Confined Space Rescue/Standby, Firefighter Standby, Technical Rope Rescue/Standby, and Marine Rescue/Standby.

Prior to a standby service deployment for a client, a site visit/inspection is arranged in order to assess and/or provide as applicable:

  • Hazard analysis
  • Risk assessment(s)
  • Review of emergency response plans and equipment
  • Review of Safe Work Procedures
  • Review of existing client permit systems

SSTL can advise and guide clients to develop any of the above as requested.

These services are normally conducted at the client’s worksite – the time on site and equipment provided would reflect hazard mitigation requirements. Emergency Response Standby rescue services are provided as per regulations set forth by the AHJ (Authority having Jurisdiction) of the following standards and regulations; NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards, CSA (Canadian Standards Association), Transport Canada, And SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea)

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Standby Rescue and Emergency Response Teams (includes firefighting, marine, high angle rope, confined space)
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