Client Site Specific Rope Access

Overview of Service

SSTL developed its Rope Access Safe Work Plan to prepare industry workers and employees of SSTL to work from heights where normal fall protection procedures may be inadequate. The SSTL Rope Access Safe Work Plan is intended to be used by SSTL, and SSTL clients, who require site specific rope access guidance and training. All relevant outputs from the SSTL Rope Access Safe Work Plan, including hazard assessments, training, equipment, and certifications, will be restricted to the client’s site specific operational requirements.

Safety, when working at heights, is paramount. Traditional fall protection/arrest techniques and equipment may not be sufficient to protect the lives of workers. Ensuring that workers are properly trained, equipped, and prepared for their operational tasks is an essential part of their safety regime.

This service offered will be based upon site specific client requirements. Duration, location, and scope of service will be developed by SSTL and will reflect the Nova Scotia Department of Labour approved SSTL Site Specific Rope Access Safe Work Plan.

SSTL and the client will agree upon the client’s site specific planning, management, hazard assessment, training, and the submittal / approval process to the applicable provinces departments of labour. Approval from the provinces department of labour is mandatory in Nova Scotia.

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