Information about Training Certificates, Expiry, and Recertification

Information about Training Certificates, Expiry, and Recertification

SSTL is currently delivering training and services.

In general, extensions and adjustments are passed/at/near the end of their validity.  In most cases, this will mean personnel should plan and book applicable refresher trainings in the near future.

SSTL will adhere to applicable industry directives regarding certificate extensions and/or adjustments.

1. Atlantic Canada Offshore Oil and Gas training certification/extension information  (provided by Atlantic Canada Training and Qualifications Committee) :  The blanket extension for BST/BSTR expired at the end of October 2020, and the Boards’ CNLOPB and CNSOPB) expectations are that people should be obtaining training if it is safe to do so, based on Public Health protocols and individual assessments of internal procedures.  The Boards are accepting extensions for individual’s on a case by case basis submitted by the operator to the regulator for approval.

2. Transport Canada training certification/extension information here [SSB 03-2020 – Extending the Validity of Canadian Marine Personnel Certificate (003) and  SSB 03-2020- Prolongation de la validité des certificats du personnel ma.._ (002)]

3. OPITO training certification/extension information at

4. Energy Safety Canada certification/extension information here: