Marine Aviation Survival Training (MAST) Facility

This revolutionary training facility, designed, for use in water survival and underwater egress training for the
Oil & Gas, aviation and marine sectors, is anchored by a (25m length X 14m width X 5m depth) pool with extreme environmental effects. The MAST facility is able to create the ultimate practical training experience in simulated real world conditions for personnel working in harsh or high-risk conditions.

This facility will meet SSTL’s ongoing requirements for size (pool area available for multiple training programs), practical training elements, and current training technology (equipment, best practices). This new facility will allow us to further our contribution to R&D with the use of environmental effects that simulate real-world conditions.

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Head Office

SSTL facilities create a perfect training environment for both classroom learning and practical training.  Upon arrival trainees and visitors will register at our Head Office building located at the entrance at 40 Mount Hope Avenue in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

SSTL’s customized training solutions overcome critical challenges for organizations seeking to manage risk and respond to emergencies. A significant record of research and development and innovative simulation technology supports advanced training delivery.  We deliver our programs in both simulated and real environmental conditions through the use of our in-house training equipment and facilities, including the MAST (clickable link) Harbour Lifeboat Station (clickable link) and our Head Office.

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Halifax Harbour Lifeboat Station

Often referred to as “The Island”, the Halifax Harbour Lifeboat Station is a training facility located on the Halifax Harbour that replicates an offshore platform for abandonment and evacuation exercises. The facility includes:

  • Lifeboat/TEMPSC launch height of 16 meters
  • A representative escape chute (operational)
  • Single Fall lifeboat (operational)
  • Twin fall lifeboat (operational)
  • Muster stations, including representative SABA manifold systems
  • PROD lifeboat launching apparatus
  • Davit, with associated life raft
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