Underwater Egress Simulators


Underwater Egress Simulators

The Egress Simulator is a state of the art trainer used by SSTL to teach helicopter underwater escape procedures to aircrews and passengers. The simulator can be designed to replicate the fuselage and interior configuration of a helicopter to improve chances of surviving a ditching.

SSTL utilizes two (2) Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS) Model 40s in underwater egress training delivery. Both are used to facilitate underwater escape training by replicating helicopter interior functional work stations and emergency operation of doors, windows and exits.

The simulator is fitted with a low-pressure air brake, which is capable of stopping the unit throughout the rotation cycle of 0 degrees to 200 degrees. The combination of descent rate and roll rate can effectively disorientate trainees, as can happen in a real helicopter ditching.


The Modular Escape Training Simulator is able to be reconfigured into different helicopters and fixed wing aircraft with escape exits and hatches which replicate the actual aircraft window.  All escape exits are designed so that the trainee has to go through the same procedure to operate and jettison the exit as they would in the aircraft they fly in. The interior of the simulator is configured so that the trainee is positioned in a location, which represents their aircrew or passenger position.

The Modular Escape Training Simulator can be made to represent the following aircraft:

  • Helicopter Airframe Types:

    • Sikorsky S-61 | S-76 | S-92 | H-92 (Civilian/Military)
    • EH-101
    • Boeing CH 147
    • AS-332 Super Puma
    • Bell 206 |212 | 214 | 412
  • Fixed Wing Aircraft Configurations:

    • Beechcraft King Air
    • Dash 7/8
    • C-130 Hercules
    • Cessna
    • Twin Otter
    • P3 Orion

SSTL has the internal expertise to design and manufacture new exits and other Egress Trainer configuration components as required or contracted to do so.

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