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  • Underwater Egress Simulators

    The Egress Simulator is a state of the art trainer used by SSTL to teach helicopter underwater escape procedures to aircrews and passengers. The simulator can be designed to replicate the fuselage and interior configuration of a helicopter to improve chances of surviving a ditching.

    SSTL utilizes two (2) Modular Egress Training Simulator (METS) Model 40s in underwater egress training delivery. Both are used to facilitate underwater escape training by replicating helicopter interior functional work stations and emergency operation of doors, windows and exits.

    The simulator is fitted with a low-pressure air brake, which is capable of stopping the unit throughout the rotation cycle of 0 degrees to 200 degrees. The combination of descent rate and roll rate can effectively disorientate trainees, as can happen in a real helicopter ditching.

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  • The Aircraft Ditching Egress Practical Trainer (ADEPT)

    This simulator design represents a revolutionary leap in the delivery of aircraft ditching Underwater Escape Training (UET) at locations closer to fight operations centres, saving time and money for organizations with a requirement to train their rotary or fixed wing aircrew in UET.
    It is the most versatile and robust UET unit available without involving a hoist/crane.

    On request, accurate representations of almost any aircraft specific exits can be provided With easily moveable seats and exits, the ADEPT can be configured to represent both ‘rollover capsize’ (commonly associated with helicopter ditching) and pitch pole end-over-end capsizes (normally associated with fixed wing ditchings).

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